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Business Requirements Document Template
10 Dec 2020 / SafetyCulture Staff
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10th Dec, 2020

10:17 AM PST

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SafetyCulture Staff
Kansas, USA (39.011902, -98.4842465)
Can you please provide me with an overview of what your department’s key functions or processes are you perform?
My department's key function is to keep employees happy.
Do you currently have any existing operational reports which help you manage this team?
If yes:
Are you able to tell us about your most important reports?
Employee Satisfaction reports.
Which systems produce your reports for you?
iAuditor by SafetyCulture produces our reports for us.
How often do you receive these reports?
I receive these reports twice a month.
Are you able to share some examples of these reports with me/us?
No, sorry. It's highly confidential.
If no:
Tell us about some of your reporting requirements.
What would you really like to see produced as a report? Why?
Discuss the content, frequency, audience and layout of the report at a high level.
What are the biggest challenges in your role?
The biggest challenges in my role are figuring out what employees want and what I can do to make them happier and more productive.
Who are the key business resources involved with this business process?
HR Department and Management Team.
Who do you think is impacted (positive and negative) by the project and how?
I think our employees will benefit from the project because we'll be able to recognize their contributions to the company and reward their hard work.
What other changes are happening within the organization that may impact this project?
There's actually a huge shift in top-level leadership right now.
If you were able to provide me with your top 3 business requirements for this project, what would they be?
My top 3 business requirements for the project are improving our company culture, scoring higher on our employee satisfaction reports, and preventing our talent from leaving us.
Why is this requirement important to your business function / group / team?
These requirements are important to my business function because it's my job to keep employees happy.
How will this requirement help the business become more efficient?
These requirements will help the business become more efficient because happier employees are more productive and more driven to see the company grow and succeed.
What will this requirement enable your team to do differently or better?
These requirements will enable my team to provide better support to employees.
How does this business requirement add value to your team and the entire organization?
These requirements adds value to my team and the entire organization by improving operational efficiency.
What would happen if we don't change the way things are done today?
If we don't change the way things are done today, we'll lose good people.
What will happen to the business if we choose to not implement this requirement?
The business might lose talent to competitors.
What are the key business data requirements to capture and store for future use?
The key business data requirements to capture and store for future use are methods for raising employees' spirits/company morale.
Can you perhaps tell me/us more about [process XYZ]
Our process has become more streamlined over the years, thankfully.
How would you describe the process?
This process is efficient because we can access our data from the analytics dashboard.
What is the purpose of this process?
The purpose of this process is to find out what we're doing right from the perspective of our employees.
What business objective does this process satisfy?
This process satisfies the customer service business objective since our employees deliver support to remote clients.
What triggers this process to start?
Employee satisfaction emails are automatically sent twice a month.
Who is responsible to perform this process?
Myself and the other members of my team.
How does this process work today?
This process works fine but we want to go the extra mile and truly be an employee-first company.
What is the end result or output of this process?
The end result of this process is lukewarm employee satisfaction.
Which areas of this process can be improved?
Employee recognition can be improved.
Why is this a problem area?
This is a problem area because our star employees feel unappreciated.
What do you believe will help address this problem?
I'm not sure.
What else do you think can help address this problem?
I'm not sure.
What ideas do you and your teammates talk about as ways to improve the process?
We want to start having Casual Fridays to give employees an opportunity to relax.
Is there a system that supports this process today?
If there is a system, are you able to show us how this system works?
If there is a system, are you able to provide us with some screen shots from this system?
If there is a system, are you able to refer us to where we can find the user guide for this system?
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